“Our God Reigns”, Worship Song

Lightbearers For Jesus

Even when awful things take place in this world we can have the assurance that our loving Good King reigns, and because He does, things will turn out fine in the end.

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need help dealing with a death of a loved one?

Well I can tell you my grandfather passed away a few weeks ago and we all knew it was going to happen. It was a really hard situation to get through, and it never really goes away.  I miss him so much to be honest and everyday countless numbers of times, I watch his tribute video. God had brought lots of comfort to me to help me get through this. Knowing that God has prepared for my grandfather to be with him. God will bring him to his house when he enter his kingdom. My grandfather is finally home. He has been given eternal life. They will be forever happy. Thou we may not be with them they will wait for us and greet us when we arrive in heaven. They will not fear death.

highlight these verses:

  • john 14:1-4
  • romans 6:23

dealing with hard times

We sometimes wonder how can make it through today? Why does God do this to me? Am I worth it? Why is my life horrible? Let me tell you, there are people dealing worse things than you. You can make it through today and every day in your life. God doesn’t like seeing this way, he loves you, and created you. You are his children! You are worth it. It is amazing how you can change so many lives with out even knowing that. Your life is amazing, no one else has it! You are one of a kind. sometimes you ask your self, why does this happen to me? Why won’t God help me? Why won’t God fix this? How could I keep my courage? Does God care for me? When will it end? I will tell you, the bible says that God will help you get to where you trying to get to in your life.

todays homework: get a bible read these verse and highlight them. pick 5 verse and think about them and write, and how it helps you in your life, and why you choose it in the comments what you think about it.

  • romans 8:28, 8:26, 5:1
  • pslams 55:22, 34:17
  • isaiah 46:4, 41:10, 55:6
  • ezra 10:4
  • john 16:33, 3:16
  • 1 peter 5:7
  • numbers 6:26
  • hebrews 13:8